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Registration and Fees
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Tuition, sliding scale, financial assistance
Seminary of the Street is a very small organization that relies on tuiton to stay afloat. Our sliding scale is our attempt to make our classes and workshops available to people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford them while still paying our instructors a just amount. The sliding scale operates on an honor system that relies on generosity—we could not keep the doors open if we didn’t have some people paying at the high end of the scale—so please reflect carefully and pay as much as you can.

As a guideline, the bottom end of the scale is for folks who regularly struggle to come up with their rent. The top end of the scale is for those who regularly spend more than $40 on a meal or who travel outside the country. If both extremes describe you, please pay somewhere in the middle. If neither describes you, pay somewhere in the middle.

If the low end of the sliding scale feels unreachable to you, we encourage you to think creatively. Is there someone who might want to sponsor you to attend? Might your workplace support your taking a class as continuing education? If all else fails, we may have some limited scholarship assistance available, so feel free to inquire.
To register, simply send an email to our registration desk. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration, as well as details about the first class, materials, etc. Payment will be due at the beginning of class.

Members and friends of First Congregational Church of Oakland
In exchange for space use at First Congregational Church of Oakland, First Congo members and pledging friends are invited to take CERTAIN COSPONSORED classes on a freewill donation basis. Cosponsored classes have a sliding scale marked with two asterisks (**). Please note that not all classes are cosponsored and that FCCO folks are asked to pay the full fee for those that are not.