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A Workshop in the Healing the Heart of Justice Series


Increase your social justice leadership capacity by developing the theoretical knowledge, the interpersonal skills and the emotional resilience to navigate the challenges of building strong social change alliances across difference. Quickly heal the wounds that stand between you and the achievement of your world-changing goals. In this workshop for people of all identities and backgrounds, renowned social justice educator Victor Lee Lewis will introduce you to the knowledge, skills and techniques you need to quickly and dramatically increase your “personal power,” establish and maintain strong multicultural alliances, overcome limiting stresses, traumas and toxic core beliefs and help others do the same, quickly transform conflicts through a deep understanding of their roots.. Best known for his key role in the breakthrough film, The Color of Fear, one of the most celebrated educational films on race relations of the past 20 years, Victor has developed a unique “transformative social justice education” approach, which integrates well-known social justice and multicultural educational perspectives with powerful leadership coaching approaches and cutting edge bodymind healing and stress-management techniques. The results are revolutionary and life-changing. Join us as we "change the way we change the world!"