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We Are Present at Oscar Grant Plaza!

Seminary of the Street has had a presence at Occupied Oakland*/Decolonize Oakland since the very first planning meeting and are supporting the movement with our bodies as well as our ideas. We participate with a spirit of curiosity and humility and stand in awe of the energy, drive, and commitment of those who have been most involved and are working to support the participation of those most impacted by the intersecting crises this movement seeks to address.

We will use this page to let you know about 1) activities that we are coordinating or helping to coordinate at the sites of occupation, and 2) various statements and reflections on the movement.

Many of us are attending events at Oscar Grant plaza and associated marches in informal groups. You may want to join our Facebook group to keep up with those opportunities: 

Resources and Analyses

Rebuke the Devil in Occupied Oakland

Love in Public: A Fantasized Expansion of Nichola Torbett's interview on TALK OF THE NATION

An Open Letter to the Oakland Police Department

Nonviolence? How about Fierce Love? Reflections following the West Coast Port Shutdown on December 12, 2011

Why We Shut Down the Port on December 12, 2011

Seminary of the Street Director Nichola Torbett reports on her arrest at the November 14 police action at Occupied Oakland

We Need a Confessing Movement

Confessing Pacifism, Repenting in Love

What's Racism Got To Do With It? Why Occupy Oakland Must Deal with Racism

Upcoming Seminary of the Street Activities at Occupied Oakland

Palm Sunday Processional, April 1: Gather at 12:30, Program at 1pm, Processional at 1:45

Occupy Good Friday: Proclaim Good News to the Poor: April 6, 7am worship, processional, and civil disobedience at Livermore Lab

* We are using "Occupied" Oakland rather than the more common Occupy Oakland in deference to the fact that Oakland was founded on occupied Ohlone land and has thus been occupied for some time.

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